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Your time in the city will be exciting and full of adventure as you visit temples, food vendors and shopping markets. Many people love visiting Bangkok because it can be relaxing even if you are continuously exploring the city and the sites. And of course, kids love Bangkok too!

Pattaya, just a mere mention of this place gets people grinning. And why not, it's a place where you get to do whatever you want, it's a happy place, for everyone.

This city has its own charm, cheerful vibes and a relaxed atmosphere. No wonder it's considered to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world!

To me, Pattaya is an escape. An escape from your state of mind. If you're happy, then that's good because this city will just pump up your mood all the more. But, if you're worried and gloomy, this city will ensure you forget all your worries and have the time of your life. Basically, make memories, which is, if you remember anything.

Pattaya is like that person, you can love it or hate it, but you just can't ignore it! Here's why you should visit Pattaya

Phuket is the largest and most popular island in Thailand measuring 48km long and 21km wide. Located in southern Thailand, Phuket lies 862km south of Bangkok on the western side in the Andaman sea. It is heavily developed for tourism with lots of top notch hotels, and the island is popular with people booking package holidays to Thailand. Patong has gained a reputation for its hedonistic nightlife thanks to its beer bars, flashy cabaret shows, go go bars and clubs, but away from the nightlife, the island has mile upon mile of white sandy beaches and plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Phuket holidays can be spent lazing on the beaches, exploring the nearby islands, taking in beautiful inland vistas and exploring glittering temples.

For some people, the main reason for visiting Phuket is to take a ferry or boat trip over to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands and experience their stunning natural beauty. With white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, sheer cliffs and interesting rock formations, the Phi Phi Islands are a laid-back, exotic paradise. Ever since Phi Phi starred in the movies, it has become one the most famous tourist spots in Thailand. There are six islands in the chain, but most tourists visiting the Phi Phi Islands come to see Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley, which is the iconic spot where 'The Beach' was filmed. You can spend the day island hopping and hire a longtail boat to go snorkeling over the coral reefs in the surrounding waters.

Just one and a half hours away from Singapore, at the southern end of Thailand on the Andaman sea, lies the coastal province of Krabi. A tropical paradise, Krabi boasts spectacular natural scenery, notably limestone cliffs that juts majestically out of emerald green waters as well as outstanding white sand beaches.

Krabi is widely known as a haven for island-hopping, with numerous gorgeous islands just off the coast. Travellers can opt to traverse the sea on the traditional long-tail boats, speed boats or cruises to visit these islands. The abundance of accessible islands featuring breathtaking coastlines translate into plenty of splendid beaches to enjoy. On the more crowded beaches, long-tail boats line the sandy shore, their colourful ribbons fluttering in the wind. There are also opportunities to find quiet - even deserted - beaches if you visit those that are not frequented by tour boats, or if you arrive at the right time when the throngs of tourists have left for the day. Your best bet for a deserted beach is to hire a private boat and head down to these beaches early in the morning or late in the afternoon.